Louise’s Facebook Update 12th March

After a total of 170 days in hospital, I am finally going home on Tuesday. The staff and other patients have been amazing! I can not thank my family and friends enough, who have supported me through this time. Mum and Ian have been there through everything and I love them dearly. Daisy and Joshua have brought me so much joy and I can’t wait to see them every day. God has been my source of constant strength and the chaplains have been brilliant.

I have made amazing progress especially in the last couple of weeks, no more hoists! I can slide board transfer from bed to chair, but more importantly from chair to car (with a shove from Ian). Which means I can get home!

Our house is making amazing progress, thank you to everyone who have given up their time and worked for free or got us great deals and thank you to those who have donated money towards the work. The house will be ready mid April, a huge thank you to Andy Hodgson and Lorna Hodgson for letting us all stay there until then you are amazing!
Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, cards, gifts and love! I am so blessed to have your support! Here’s to a new chapter of life, it will be different but it will also be an adventure and I intend on living life to the max! Xxxxx

Thursday 16th February

Louise has been progressing so well, that she has been able to spend a few days off of the ward and has been staying in a purpose built flat at the hospital with her family.

On Wednesday, the children stayed with Nannifer and we celebrated Valentine’s day (a day late).

Thursday saw a very busy day, we all headed out on the bus to Meadowhall and then on a tram to go bowling

Then off to lunch at Subway, followed by a tram ride in to the city centre for a bit of shopping. We popped in to Halifax Bank and found the Mystery Machine.

We then headed back to Meadowhall on the tram for a bit more shopping and a lovely meal in Wagamama.

It has been a lovely few days in the flat, it is easy to forget that Louise is still at the hospital.

Monday 23rd January

Louise has been progressing well with her physio and OT, she has started attempting to use a transfer board, this will allow her to get herself in and out of a wheelchair without the need of a hoist.

She is continuing to gain weight slowly and now weighs in at 8 st 3 lb.  Also Louise is sleeping better at night which means that she has more energy during the day which all helps.

She has become a bit of a local celebrity after appearing on the front page of the paper.  I have provided details in a separate post of the article.

Sunday 15th January

Louise continues to show great signs of progress, her appetite is increasing daily and she is now eating a full diet, I know it is rude to talk about a lady’s weight, but in this case I will make an exception, Louise has now put on over half a stone and weights in at just over 8 stone.  Also her sleep patterns are returning to normal meaning that as she is sleeping better at night, she has more energy to be able to do the physio during the day.

Louise has now been moved (again), this time to a ward which she shares with a lady called Betty.  Yesterday, Betty’s hairdresser visited Betty and whilst she was there Louise convinced her to cut her hair (good Job that Louise told me, as I am a man and probably would not have noticed).

The four of us have been together at the hospital today and have great fun playing games including Connect 4 (Joshua’s rules, which no-one understands, but Joshua always wins) and the four of us braved the cold as we had to go outside to travel in Daisy’s make believe time machine that took is back to 1666.  It has been so good to see us all playing together again in this way, as it just makes everything seem normal.  This week should see Louise progressing in her physio from the current manual reclining wheelchair to the a more upright manual wheel chair.

Unfortunately, the injury that left me in A&E on Wednesday has continued to worsen, resulting in me being hardly able to walk, as a result the DIY on the house will have to take a bit of a break until I am able to continue.

Wednesday January 11th

As Louise has been successfully increasing the amount of food and drink that she is consuming, she has finally been taken off of the IV nutrition.

Well today was a bit different to a normal day it was my (Ian) 40th birthday. So to celebrate it in style Louise was able to get into her chair early so that she could go on a trip with me. And where did we go you might ask, well actually it was the Accident & Emergency department at the hospital as I was suffering from a suspected DVT in my right leg.  Louise joined me for a while while I was in triage and then returned to her ward whilst I underwent an examination and blood tests.

We had planned to have a take away harvester for lunch, but my A&E detour put pay to that, however I was allowed to leave hospital care in time to have a harvester take away for tea.

So this evening we all had (Louise, Jennifer and I) a nice meal in Louise’s hospital ward, and Louise eat really well. 

It hasn’t been the birthday that I would have planned, but I did get to spend some time with Louise and have had an enjoyable day. 

The DIY on the house is going well, but will have to take a couple of weeks break as I need to rest my leg. 

Friday 6th January

Louise would like to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts over the past few weeks.

Although Louise is still suffering with chronic stomach pains her digestive system appears to be behaving. She has been eating small amounts for a few days and has been told today that she can now eat normally. The IV nutrition will be stopped from Monday which is another step forwards. 

As for the house, the first room of the major redecorarions is now complete, but there is still a lot to do. I just hope that Louise is happy with all the work when it is complete. 

Christmas Eve

Thank you for all the love and support that you have all been sending Louise’s way. 

Over the last few days there has been a marked improvement in Louise. She is a lot more alert and awake now that the nutrients are being provided that she needs. Louise is still not able to take any food but is having small amounts of liquid that appear to be going through her digestive system. 

No sprouts for Louise on Christmas Day this year but she will be spending the day with her family. 

Louise and her family would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. 

Monday 19th December

I am sorry that this update has been a long time in appearing.

It is hard to provide updates when there is no positive news to share.

However this is now not the case.

By Thursday (15th December), Louise was really suffering from not eating or drinking for 11 days.  She was very lethargic, some days only being awake for about an hour in total.  The doctors cannot work out why her digestive system has basically gone on strike.

On Friday Louise was fitted with a PICC line, this is a 40cm tube which is inserted in to her arm just above the elbow and follows her veins all the way to her heart.  Each day the dietitian will take a blood sample and analyse it to work out what nutrients Louise needs, and then a meal (if that’s what you can call it) is made up specifically for Louise which is given to her through the PICC for the following 24 hours.  This is referred to as TPN (Total Parental Nutrition).

Louise has only been on the TPN for a couple days, but the impact it has had on her has been amazing.  Louise is now a lot more alert and awake as her body is no longer suffering from getting no nutrition.  The doctors are still trying to work out what is causing the problem and in the mean time are giving Louise vitamin B through IV in order to keep her liver busy as it was starting to show signs of slowing down due to having nothing to do.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying that her digestive system will start to work again soon, as Louise is feeling hungry but can’t eat anything.

Christmas dinner just isn’t going to be the same when it comes from a bag.  The lengths that some people will go to to avoid sprouts.

Thursday 8th December

I am afraid this update is not quite as positive as the previous one.

Louise has been in a lot of pain since Monday morning. This started off with her being very sick and unable to keep any food down. The nurses have fitted Louise with a nose tube and have extracted about 4 litres of bile from her stomach. She is nil by mouth and has been attached to drips for glucose, potassium, paracetamol and morphine.

The doctors have carried out numerous tests and are trying different medications, but so far without success. 

It is really hard to see Louise crying out loud in pain.

Obviously as a result of this her physio and OT are on hold at the moment. 

If you see so inclined, please pray for a speedy resolution to this condition. 

Louise’s post, by Louise!

A new month, so now it’s about time I write my own post! As you can tell, my hands are doing really well! I have started physio sessions in the gym down stairs, which is more intensive. Yesterday I managed to sit on the edge of the bed (with two physiotherapists supporting me), and then held myself on my hands for a while. This means my core muscles were working even though I can’t really feel it.

I then had an occupational therapy session with Ian there, and I made him a cup of tea. He said it was the best cup of tea he has had in the hospital!

I then went to an arts session, I made my first Christmas decoration, a snow flake made from 6 A4 sheets. At least it is getting me in the Christmas mood!

I managed to sit in my chair for about 6 hours. Today I start hydrotherapy, which I’m looking forward to.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I have received from so many people. Thank you to all who visited me, face booked, texted, called, prayed for me and thought about me. Sorry I can’t always reply.

God has blessed me so much. There are daily miracles happening. Xxx